April 25th 2015

On April 25th, the kendo training at our Dojo was led by sensei Maciej Murzyniec (4th dan of kendo) from Krakow. It was a good oportunity to practice basics and ji-geiko. Next day sensei Maciej took part in kendo presentation at Japanese Garden in Wrocław more photos

29th April 2015

Big success in the Animatsuri kendo Tournament – 25th of April. From our Dojo three kendoka took place in this event: Darek Kaniewski, Philip Bieniek and Mateusz Niewiadomski. Julian Gorski was both the coach of Wroclaw team and one of the judges of the tournament. Darek started in the Novice category, competed through precision in Read more about 29th April 2015[…]