Big success of Ruyshinkai during International Kyu Tournament in Berlin.

Performance of our club members during International Kyu Tournament in Berlin on 3rd of December 2016 can be counted as a great success. Over 60 contenders participated in tournament, whereof 5 from Ryushinkai Dojo: Wiktor Wiewiórski, Paweł Komorowski, Mateusz Niewiadomski, Paweł Skoliński and Dominik Popiel. As always Julian Górski was watching over our kendokas. After Read more about Big success of Ruyshinkai during International Kyu Tournament in Berlin.[…]

24th January 2016

32 of Ryushinkai Wrocław kendo adepts have attended today kendo kyu grades exam in front of committee of examiners composed of: Maciej Murzyniec – 5 dan Doshinkan Kraków Jurek Nawrot – 3 dan Tengukai Poznań Julian Górski – 3 dan Ryushinkai Wrocław 29 of them succesfully passed gaining new grades 6th to 1st kyu. Congratulations!

7th October 2015

At the end of September (23-26) we had a great pleasure to invite our sensei from Sapporo: Hironobu Yamashiro (8th dan Hanshi) and Ishizaka Hidefumi (6th dan). They conducted very interesting kendo trainings and provided a great deal of knowledge. On 26th of September, we organized „Nami Kendo Taikai”, big tournament in three categories: kyu, Read more about 7th October 2015[…]

22th June 2015

Kendoka from Ryushinkai once again achieved sport success, this time it was Open Polish Kendo Championships in Junior and Youth category, held in Bydgoszcz. Our club was represented by: Darek Kaniewski, Filip Bieniek, Kinga Lipska, Asia Morawska, Wiktor Wiewiórski, Mateusz Niewiadomski and Julian Gorski as a coach. We are pleased to announce that: Darek Kaniewski Read more about 22th June 2015[…]

7th May 2015

The performance of Ryushinkai Club at the Genryoku Cup (2-3 May), one of the largest Polish kendo tournaments, brought two significant achievements in the kyu category – Grzegorz Łotysz took second place, while Piotr Wlodarczyk won kantosho (best fighting spirit)! Also attending the tournament were Joanna Morawska, Konrad Rozycki, Michal Orynicz, Rafal Iwanecki, Kuba Antczak, Read more about 7th May 2015[…]

April 25th 2015

On April 25th, the kendo training at our Dojo was led by sensei Maciej Murzyniec (4th dan of kendo) from Krakow. It was a good oportunity to practice basics and ji-geiko. Next day sensei Maciej took part in kendo presentation at Japanese Garden in Wrocław more photos

29th April 2015

Big success in the Animatsuri kendo Tournament – 25th of April. From our Dojo three kendoka took place in this event: Darek Kaniewski, Philip Bieniek and Mateusz Niewiadomski. Julian Gorski was both the coach of Wroclaw team and one of the judges of the tournament. Darek started in the Novice category, competed through precision in Read more about 29th April 2015[…]

6th March 2015

February was the month full of kendo presentations and workshops, performed by kendoka from our club. We visited many places and events, for example: High School no 28, Manga Event in Wroclaw – „Love 6” and International Tourism Trade Show. We are happy that becouse of our work, kendo becomes more popular in Wroclaw and Read more about 6th March 2015[…]