Nami Kendo Taikai 2019

On September 21-22, 2019, we organized the largest  tournament in the Polish kendo history (not counting the European Championships in Gdynia 2011). 151 competitors took part in 8 categories. The tournament was supported by 19 referees and 22 volunteers. Our club fought very bravely: Piotr Kuźniar, Sergiusz Cyran, Borys Rynkiewicz, Ala Mertuszka, Makary Skowroński, Staszek Read more about Nami Kendo Taikai 2019[…]

Kyu exam 28.06.2019

On the last Friday of the school year, 11 kendoka from our club joined and passed their kyu-grade exams: – 6 kyu: Sergiusz Cyran, Przemysław Panek, Borys Rynkiewicz – 5 kyu: Patryk Ćwirko, Matthias Fiedler, Paweł Lewicki, Dawid Paradowski – 4 kyu: Stanisław Podrecki, Makary Skowroński – 3 kyu: Paweł Czogalik, Philip Policki The exam Read more about Kyu exam 28.06.2019[…]

IX Genryoku Cup

IX Genryoku Cup certainly belongs to the more successful tournaments that our competitors have visited. We had the opportunity to watch many exciting duels with Ryushinkai kendoka.   Our greatest successes of this year’s edition include: 2nd place of Joanna Morawska in the women’s open category, 2nd place of Piotr Kuzniar in the kihon category Read more about IX Genryoku Cup[…]

Polish Championship of Children, Juniors and Youth – April 6, 2019

The performance of our members on the Poland Kids and Juniors Championships in Bydgoszcz was amazing. Darek Karniewski repeated his success from the march Sakura Cup and scored the 3rd place in the Junior-Young category. For Borys Rynkiewicz this was his 3rd competition in the Kids category and he managed to storm to the finals Read more about Polish Championship of Children, Juniors and Youth – April 6, 2019[…]

Tomoe Cup 2019

A first tournament this year and a first medal for our RYUSHINKAI dojo. Ala Mertuszka won the third place on a girl’s tournament- Tomoe Cup, which took place on the 16th on February. Our contender presented herself extremely well in the kid’s category (technique presentation- kirikaeshi and uchikomi). The whole tournament was led by Yokoo Read more about Tomoe Cup 2019[…]

Seminar in Cracow.

Ryushinkai team members had the opportunity to participate in the seminar for the 45th anniversary of Kendo in Poland, organized by the Koryukan dojo in Cracow. During that seminar, kyu and dan exams took place. Despite the strict examiners: HyunJae Lee and Dariusz Kaniewski managed to pass accordingly for 3rd Dan and 1st Kyu. Congratulations!!    

Nami Airando

Now for the 5th time, our Foundation and Kendo club fantastically presented itself on a yearly event Nami Airando- A festival of Japanese culture on Słodowa Island in Wrocław. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest on the 1st of September we had over 4000 guests! That’s a real record, which surely will be beaten next Read more about Nami Airando[…]