Julian Górski 


4th dan Kendo. He was a player for many years and an instructor for Wroclaw Kendo Association. Bronze medalist in Polish team kendo championship in Poznań 2012 (Wroclaw’s team captain), winner of the west Kendo league 2012/13. Popularizer of Japanese swordsmanship in Wroclaw. In 2005-2007 he was taught Kendo by Hiroshi Kakamura sensei (6th Dan Kendo). From 2013 he regularly visits Japan to enhance his Kendo skills as a teacher and as a practitioner. Student of many remarkableJapanese masters, for example, Yamashiro-sensei (8th dan Hanshi)




Why do I want to distinguish Ryushinkai from other clubs?

I care about a proper practice attitude to people that will practice kendo with me. Japanese swordsmanship is a demanding journey, but it gives much satisfaction. The key to growth in kendo is to connect individual capabilities and the expectations of each contestant with the basic principles of Kendo, which are persistent.


Maciej Jasik


3rd Dan Kendo. Practices Kendo and Iaido regularly for many years. He made his first steps in the Wroclaw’s Kendo Association, where he was an instructor as well. From 2010 he visits Japan 2, 3 times a year where he practices under Hisao Horiguchi (7th Dan Kendo). Privately a fan of Japanese culture and language. He also practiced aikido and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.



  • Hyun Jae Lee – 3 dan

  • Marta Lewicka – 3 dan

  • Alicja Pogorzelska – 2 dan

  • Joanna Morawska – 2 dan

  • Wiktor Wiewiórski – 2 dan

  • Mateusz Niewiadomski – 2 dan

  • Michał Orynicz – 2 dan

  • Darek Kaniewski – 1 dan

  • Paweł Komorowski – 1 dan