Kagami Biaki, kyu egzams, new year

In January two important and inspirational events took place. On the 11th we have officially opened the 2019 season with a Japanese tradition – Kagami Biraki. Besides the practice where we welcomed our new Ryushinkai practitioners, we have opened a barrel of sweets (instead of the traditional sake :d). Also, we have written New Year’s resolutions on a gorgeous calligraphy made by Sayuri Goto-Fuksiewicz, who is a friend of our Foundation and a frequent contributor.

A week later eleven Ryushinkai members took part in our Kyu exams. The committee positively evaluated every participant and these are their new grades:

6th Kyu: Dawid Paradowski, Radek Lisiecki, Krzysiek Maśniak, Patryk Ćwirko, and Paweł Lewicki

5th Kyu: Staszek Podrecki and Makary Skowroński

4th Kyu: Paweł Czogalik, Jan Potoczek, and Philip Policki

3rd Kyu: Dominika Zajączkowska

The composition of the committee: Julian Górski, Maciej Jasik, Ala Pogorzelska

Exam leader: Joanna Morawska

Assistants: Marta Lewicka, Mateusz Niewiadomski, Michał Orynicz


With your new grades, we are encouraging to practice even harder and let them be even more satisfying.