Nami Kendo Taikai 2019

On September 21-22, 2019, we organized the largest  tournament in the Polish kendo history (not counting the European Championships in Gdynia 2011).
151 competitors took part in 8 categories.
The tournament was supported by 19 referees and 22 volunteers.

Our club fought very bravely:
Piotr Kuźniar, Sergiusz Cyran, Borys Rynkiewicz, Ala Mertuszka, Makary Skowroński, Staszek Podrecki, Darek Kaniewski, Philip Policki, Dominik Popiel, Paweł Czogalik and Marta Lewicka.

Although we didn’t win any awards this time, it was definitely a very good experience for our kendoka – the level of each category was very high.

On Sunday there were exams for dan degrees, from our club Darek Kaniewski passed the test – he is currently one of the youngest players with dan degree in Poland.

Congratulations to all our team!

We also want to thank all volunteers, parents and sponsors for their involvement in the co-organization of Nami Kendo Taikai 2019.

Photos from the tournament are available on the NAMI Foundation fanpage: