Seminar in Linz

Kendoka from Wrocław, represented by Julian Górski, Maciej Jasik (Ryushinkai) and Marta Lewicka (Wrocławski Klub Kendo) had the opportunity to take part in a seminar in Linz (Austria) 12-15 July. The seminar was carried by a well-known, highly titled Sueno Eiji sensei (8th dan Hanshi) from Kagoshima. The whole gasshuku was dedicated to the Dan exams.

Participants were amazed by the knowledge and training methods of Sueno sensei, who excellently explained the basic and the advanced aspects of kendo.

We would like to thank the Linz club for the awesome reception and for the possibility of taking and publishing photos.

We surely will come back to Linz next year.


Photo by Herald Hofer.