Yamashiro Hironobu 8 Dan Kendo Hanshi

Hironobu Yamashiro was born on Okinawa in 1940. He has practiced kendo from his primary school. While choosing the university he decided to move to Tokyo, and study at Kokushikan University where he became one of the most talented kendo-ka. Directly after finishing university education he moved on Hokkaido to become a teacher and director of high schools in few cities. Mr. Yamashiro was awarded many prizes for kendo development (most important of them granted by Japanese School Association of Kendo in 2008). He is vice-chairman of Hokkaido Kendo Federation, the chairman of Sapporo Kendo Federation and the consultant of All Nippon Kendo Federation.

Sensei Yamashiro about kendo and himself:
I can say that my life with kendo was very rewarding. Despite of this I do not let myself to rest on laurels. I understand that the only way to repay for all good things, which I have experienced is to keep developing myself while keeping in mind the basic kendo principles. This is why I have a strong resolve to keep this way and I ask for continuous support and advice. By crossing our swords we get to know and develop ourselves – this maxim accompanied me wherever I lived. And this is what I am very grateful to my teachers for.



Yamashiro sensei visited Poland three times, being host in Wrocław in 2015, 2016 and 2017. NAMI Foundation and our club organized at that time one of the largest kendo seminars that had taken place in Poland for the last years. We hope that the sensei’s knowledge will always remain in our Dojo.