Ryushinkai Kendo Wrocław

What is Ryushinkai ?

Ryushinkai Kendo Wrocław is the KENDO - Japanese fencing - club. The word ryushinkai means a community of people with a dragon heart or as strong as a dragon's heart. in short - we are passionate about Japanese culture who give their passion, all their hearts.

The club was established by the NAMI Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation for the purpose of spreading Japanese culture by conducting sports classes in Japanese kendo fencing. It has been operating continuously since 2013, conducting kendo classes, organizing national and international tournaments, training camps and promoting budo during numerous cultural and sports events.

How to start?

It's easy! Contact the trainer by phone or e-mail: Mateusz Niewiadomski / tel. 881 922 046 / mateusz.niewiadomski@ryushinkai.pl and come to the sport hall.

The first training sessions are for free. You can come and try your hand at kendo. If you like it, the sensei will tell you everything in detail. If you are not convinced and you have any questions, call us or write an e-mail, we will try to dispel any doubts.