Mateusz Niewiadomski

3 dan kendo. Licensed kendo instructor. He started his adventure with kendo at the club in 2014. He regularly takes part in national and international tournaments, winning medals and awards. In 2020, he defended his master's thesis at the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław on the topic: Safety of players during Kendo tournaments organized in Poland in 2019. Passionate and lover of Japanese culture.

Alicja Krzywda-Pogorzeslka

3 dan kendo. Licensed kendo instructor. Since 2011, he has been training kendo regularly. A great enthusiast and lover of Japanese culture. Member of the broad Polish national team in kendo.

Joanna Morawska

3 dan kendo. I have been training Kendo since 2009, and at the same time I started learning Japanese. In addition to regular training in the club, I had the opportunity to participate in many training camps in Europe and Japan. I believe that although there is one kendo, each practitioner follows his own unique path. I want to support club members in overcoming adversities and achieving their goals.


Wiktor Wiewiórski

Wiktor Wiewiórski 3 Dan

Michał Orynicz

Michał Orynicz 3 Dan

Paweł Komorowski

Paweł Komorowski 2 Dan

Rafał Gibała

Rafał Gibała 2 Dan

Dominik Popiel

Dominik Popiel 1 Dan

Alicja Mertuszka

Alicja Mertuszka 2 Dan